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Team (click for team-details)ClubCountryTournamentApplicationStatusColours
@WelshCharityVet@WelshCharityVetNLDMens Vets Pier2019ConfirmedRed Black Yellow
3/4 DM RFC3/4 DM RFCITAMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlue - Green - White
7 Fantastics7 FantasticsFRAMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlue
A.S.R.V. Ascrum 1AscrumNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlack, white, red
AAC AdventurersAAC AmsterdamNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedWhite and Blue Horizontal Bar
AAC Amazonas AmsterdamAAC AmsterdamNLDLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
AAC AmsterdamAAC AmsterdamNLDLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
AAC AmsterdamAAC AmsterdamNLDMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Alkmaar HuntersHUNTERSNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedRed shirts Black shorts
Almaty RCAlmaty RCKAZLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmedblue and white
Amstelveen RCAmstelveen RCNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlauw-Wit
ASC DuklaASC DuklaCZEMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmedred/yellow
Bassets BabesRC The BassetsNLDLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmedblack,brown and white
Breda BanditsBredase Rugby ClubNLDMens Sevens Shield2019ConfirmedGreen Shirts, black shorts
Bucharest wolvesBucharest WOLFSROMMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedYELLOW AND BLUE
CastricumCastricumNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlack & Yellow
Chicken MilanoChicken MilanoITAMens Sevens Shield2019Confirmedyellow/green
DambustersDambustersINTMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedRed/White/Blue
Dambusters LadiesDambustersINTLadies Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedRed/White/Blue
Dambusters VetsDambustersINTMens Vets Pier2019ConfirmedRed/White/Blue
Danish VikingsDanish VikingsDNKMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedRed and white
Dellftt TigersPaarse RebellenNLDLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
DomCity BarbariansURCNLDLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmedred and blue
DSR-CDelftsche Studenten Rugby-ClubNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedWhite, black & red
EUSKADI BASQUE COUNTRYBasque Country 7ESPMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Gitanes OlympiquesLes Gitanes OlympiquesFRALadies Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedWhite & Red
Ibuprofen veteransRFC HaarlemNLDMens Vets Pier2019ConfirmedPink, Black, White
Israel 7'sIsraelISRMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBLUE AND WHITE
KHM WOLVESKrommenhoek Matrix 7's TeamNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedWhite / Black
Lithuanian 7'sLithuanian rugby federationLTUMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlack and green jersey
Millfield Old Boys LegendsMillfield Old Boys RFCENGMens Vets Pier2019Confirmed 
Mo Bro OriginalsMo BroINTMens Vets Pier2019Confirmed 
Mo Bro VetsMo BroINTMens Vets Pier2019Confirmed 
Mo Bro'sMo BroINTMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Mo Sista'sMo BroINTLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Mother F’in GentlemenMother F'in GentlemenNLDMens Sevens Shield2019Confirmed 
NadaRC NadaHRVLadies Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedPurple or white with red cubes
Navigators 10th AnniversaryThe Old NavigatorsNLDMens Sevens Shield2019Confirmed 
Nederland 7'sRugby Nederland Dames 7sNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlue, white and orange
Nomads 7'sNomads 7'sENGLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
NRW LadiesRugby-Verband NRWDEULadies Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedGreen white red
Nyenrode 7sNyenrode 7sINTMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedYellow / Red / Black
OystersOystersNLDMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlue
Powerbombs 7sPowerbombs 7'sSCOMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Projecx WaterboysProjecx WaterboysSCOMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlue/Yellow & Pink/White
Rah Rah RoostersRah Rah RoostersINTMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedYellow/Red
Randwick MagicRandwick MagicAUSLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
RC ChartreuseRC ChartreuseFRAMens Sevens Shield2019ConfirmedBlack and White
Red DevilsMidletonIRLMens Sevens Shield2019ConfirmedRed Camouflage
Rex Club Red KitesRex Club Red KitesSCOMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedRed/ Blue/ White
Rex Club Red Kites LadiesRex Club Red KitesSCOLadies Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedRed/ Blue/ White
RFC HaarlemRFC HaarlemNLDMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
RSRCRotterdamse Studenten RCNLDMens Sevens Shield2019ConfirmedRed Green
RSV CologneCologne CrusadersDEUMens Sevens Shield2019ConfirmedBordeaux/ White/ Black
Rugby Nederland - Dames 7sRugby Nederland Dames 7sNLDLadies Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedOrange
Rugby-Shop Lady BaBaasRugbyshopNLDLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Russian National rugby'7 Development teamRussian National rugby'7 teamRUSMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Russian National rugby'7 teamRussian National rugby'7 teamRUSMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Samurai International RFCSamurai International RFCINTMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Scavengers 7SScavengers 7SFRAMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBleu/green
SeventiseSeventiseFRAMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Shandong Provincial Rugby SevensChina WomenCHNLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmedred(home)/black(guest)
Shandong Provincial Rugby SevensChina WomenCHNMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmedred(home)/black(guest)
SHAPE Barbarians RFCSHAPE Barbarians RFCBELMens Sevens Shield2019ConfirmedGreen/Black
Stade Rennais RugbyStade Rennais RugbyFRALadies Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedBlack - red or white
Team Turn OverTurn OverNLDMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
The gentlemen 7s teamAAC RugbyNLDMens Sevens Shield2019Confirmed 
The IguanasISMB RugbyNLDMens Sevens Shield2019Confirmedwhite and green
TongaVetsTonga VetsNLDMens Vets Pier2019Confirmed 
Transact ProRC MiesniekiLVAMens Sevens Pier2019ConfirmedRed&black
W.O.R. (Watch Out Rollators)AAC AmsterdamNLDLadies Vets Pier2019Confirmed 
Wales WomenWales Women 7sWALLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
West Coast MastersWest Coast MastersSWEMens Vets Pier2019Confirmedwhite blue
Wimoweh 7'sAlnwick RFCENGMens Sevens Shield2019ConfirmedBlue, Gold, White
Wooden Spoon MaraudersWooden Spoon MaraudersENGLadies Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Wooden Spoon MaraudersWooden Spoon MaraudersENGMens Sevens Pier2019Confirmed 
Youth AAAC RugbyNLDYouth7s2019Confirmed 
Youth BAAC RugbyNLDYouth7s2019Confirmed